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Tunnel of Fudge Cake

Shaped in a bundt tin with a brownie-like texture and gooey chocolate centre, this cake is a real showstopper and the ultimate crowd-pleaser.




For the Cake

- 400g Butter (softened)

- 390g Caster sugar

- 6 Large eggs

- 265g Icing sugar (sifted)

- 300g Plain flour

- 100g Cocoa powder

- 1tsp Vanilla bean paste

For the Chocolate Glaze

- 160g Icing sugar (sifted)

- 30g Cocoa powder (sifted)

- 4tbsp Warm milk

You will also need: A 10" bundt tin


- Preheat your oven to 150 Fan/170C and grease your bundt tin carefully to ensure the cake comes out nice and easily when it has baked.

- In a freestanding electric mixer (with a paddle attachment) cream the butter and sugar together before adding the eggs, one at a time.

- With the mixer on a low speed, add the icing sugar, flour, cocoa powder and vanilla and mix until the batter is nice and smooth.

- Pour the batter into the bundt tin and bake for 1hr. Don't worry if the cake looks a little underbaked - that is what will give the tunnel of fudge effect when it has cooled down!

- Leave the cake to cool in its tin for at least 2hrs as trying to remove it while it is too warm will result in the cake falling apart.

- Turn the cake out onto a wire rack and leave to cool completely.

- Prepare the glaze by stirring together the icing sugar, cocoa powder and warm milk until you get a thick, glossy mixture.

- Pour the glaze over that cake and allow it to set before serving.

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