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Brandy Snaps

It's another GBBO episode tonight and that means...there's even more reasons to bake!

These biscuits are a little tricky to make as they rely on quick actions to see the traditional brandy snap curl. I tend to bake 4 biscuits at a time so I can ensure a perfect roll on every biscuit.

I can assure you that even though there is a little effort involved these taste incredible and are sure to impress your friends and family.




60g Butter

55g Demerera sugar

60g Golden syrup

60g Plain flour

1tsp Ground ginger

1tsp Lemon juice

300ml Double cream

1tsp Vanilla bean paste


- Grease and line 3 baking sheets and preheat your oven to 180 degrees (fan).

- Oil 2-4 identical wooden spoons and set aside until required.

- In a saucepan melt together the butter, sugar and syrup over a medium heat and stir regularly until the sugar has dissolved.

- Remove from the heat and sift in the ginger and flour and stir before adding in the lemon juice.

- The mixture should be smooth and slightly runny.

- Using a spoonful per biscuit, create equally sized circles using the back of a spoon to spread out the mixture- around 4 biscuits per tray (anymore and they will be tricky to shape before setting once baked!).

- Baking one tray at a time, bake for 8-10 minutes or until lightly golden brown before removing from the oven - the biscuits should have expanded and be lacey.

- Once out of the oven wait for around 20 seconds to allow the brandy snaps to firm slightly before wrapping the circular disk of biscuit around your previously oiled wooden spoon.

- Ensure you lightly seal the biscuit at the seam and set aside while you prepare your next biscuit.

- Work quickly to make sure that the unrolled biscuits do not set. If this does happen however, place back in the oven for 30 seconds or so which will allow you to mould the previously solidified biscuits.

- Repeat the baking and shaping process for the remaining mixture.

- Once all the biscuits have been created, prepare the cream by whisking together the cream and vanilla until it forms soft peaks.

- Place cream in a piping bag and inject cream into the centre of each brandy snap.

- Once filled with cream serve immediatly as if left the biscuits will go soggy!

- If you are making these in advance of an event, do not fill the brandy snaps until just before required. The biscuits themselves will store for 3 days in an airtight container.

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