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Chocolate Bomb

Although seemingly simple in appearence it takes a little bit of a process to get that brilliant shine on your chocolate bombs.

The technique required for this is tempering, a slighly more long winded process than your average chocolate melting. If untempered the uncontrolled temperature of your chocolate will cause randomly sized cocoa butter crystals to form resulting in a blotchy white covered piece of chocolate. This means that tempering is an essential part of this recipe and should not be avoided.




For the Chocolate Bombs

- 400g Dark chocolate (very finely chopped)

For the drizzling sauce

- 3 Mars bars (roughly chopped)

- 320ml Double cream

- 50g Milk chocolate

- 30g Butter (unsalted)

- A small scoop of ice cream for each chocolate bomb

You will also need: A cooking thermometer, A saucepan of simmering water and hemisphere teacake moulds


- Prepare the chocolate domes first to allow them to set before serving.

- In a bowl over a pan of simmering water, place 300g of chocolate and heat to 55 degrees (c) stirring regularly.

- Remove bowl from heat and set aside a third of the melted chocolate in another bowl before adding in the remaining 100g of chocolate to the main part of the mixture and stir regularly. This will lower the overally temperature of the chocolate.

- Wait until the melted chocolate has lowered in temperature to 29 degrees (c) before re-incorperating the melted chocolate you set aside earlier. This will bring up the temperature of the dark chocolate.

- When the mixture has heated up to 31 degrees (c) the chocolate is ready to spoon into teacake moulds.

- When placing chocolate in teacake moulds, allow the sides to be covered completely before turning the moulds upside down and allowing any excess chocolate to drip out.

- Move to another surface and keep the mould upside down for about an hour or so before removing the chocolate domes from the moulds.

- Next, go on to prepare your drizzling sauce by placing all other ingredients in a saucepan and heating over a medium heat until everything has melted before placing aside for later.

- When ready to serve place a small scoop of ice cream on a plate and cover with a chocolate dome.

- Reheat the sauce until it reaches boiling point (it needs to be very hot to work) and place in a jug.

- To serve, pour over a generous amount of the drizzling sauce over the chocolate bomb and watch as it melts away to reveal your scoop of ice cream, now covered in delicious chocolate sauce!

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