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Salted Caramel Sauce

Now I know this isn't a 'proper' bake per se but in my opinion it is an absoloute must in any baker's repertoire and sometimes it's good to go a little more back to basics!

I use this sauce all the time - I've been know to use it in brownies, cakes, icing, ice cream, biscuits, traybakes and even hot chocolates.

It gives a delicious addition to so many things it is well worth a go - plus it stores in the fridge for a good 5 days - plenty of time to give it a go on lots of different bakes!




- 220g Granulated sugar

- 95g Salted butter

- 135ml Double cream

- A pinch of sea salt flakes


- Create your salted caramel by placing your sugar in a pan and heat slowly until completely melted to form a thick golden brown liquid.

- At this point add your butter and stir rapidly to form a thick toffee like mixture.

- Pour in your double cream and combine fully before leaving to cool.

- Pour into a clean jam jar, store in the fridge and use within 5 days.

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