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Wholemeal Pizza Dough

Who doesn't love pizza? What if I told you that this recipe would mean you can eat your pizza without feeling guilty. Now I will pop a clause in here and remind you that it's what is on the pizza that will ultimately determine the healthy side of it - but the base itself will not only be tasty but full of fibre which is great for digestion.

I top my pizzas with tomato passata, mozzarella and, once cooked, fresh basil. Feel free to get creative with your pizza toppings - it's really anything goes when it comes to pizza - within reason !



- 10g Fast action yeast

- 5tbsp Avocado oil (or Olive oil if you prefer)

- 240ml Lukewarm water

- 5g Fine sea salt


- In a large bowl, add the flour, yeast, oil and salt (avoid putting salt over yeast).

- Using your hands to stir the mixture continuously, gradually add the water in a steady stream until all the water has been used.

- Bring the dough together in the bowl before placing on a lightly floured surface and kneading for approximately 7-8 minutes.

- Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover and allow to rise for 45 minutes.

- Divide the dough into 4 (or 6 if you want slightly smaller pizzas) and roll each one out to around 1/4cm thick - feel free to roll less or more depending on how you like your pizzas.

- Top the pizzas with your preferred toppings and then bake in the oven at 200C/185C Fan for 20- 25 minutes (this will vary upon the thickness of your pizza bases so keep an eye on the when they near the 20 minute mark).

- Finish off the pizzas with a couple of leaves of fresh basil and serve hot (or cold if that's your kind of thing).

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